April 25

Virtual Career Seminar 2016 : Learn How to Start Your Virtual Career Right Now



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Virtual Career Seminar 2016 : Learn How to Start Your Virtual Career Right Now

My online marketing mentor, Jomar Hilario has recently concluded his "How To Start Your Virtual Career Seminar 2016" on April 9 at Rosewood Pointe, Taguig, Bonifacio Global City.  Personally, this same seminar has open opportunities and a virtual career for me where I now ---


  • Earn Dollars at Home
  • Eliminate Daily Stress
  • Embrace your Family More

It was a privilege to be a volunteer and a DISC Facilitator for the event.

​The Virtual Career Seminar 2016 is geared towards helping Filipinos especially Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) who dreams of returning to the Philippines and curve a path to a virtual career.


It was great to see a lot of enthusiastic people attended the seminar.  It only goes to show that they are determined to plan their life and make a choice to earn dollars at home, eliminate their daily stress and embrace their family more.  They want to be with the hundreds of Virtual Professionals who are now experiencing this.  They all have made a choice.

Jomar Hilario during Virtual Career Seminar

Jomar Hilario's introduction as an Online Marketing Guru and Virtual Assistant Trainor

This quote has served me well on planning for my virtual career last year which I wanted to share.


If you go to work on your plan, your plan will go to work on you. Whatever good things we build end up building us. - Jim Rohn

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During this event, I am privileged to share my virtual career journey and experiences as a Virtual Professional to the group of people with S personality (based on DISC profile).  S or Steady personality (I have the attention for details.  I am thorough.)  

Discover your personal strengths profile and understand what drives you.  Take the DISC test here


In the seminar, I've distilled my knowledge and experience as a Virtual Professional.  I shared how I gave my family the 5 bonuses of having a virtual career. Working as a Systems and Compliance Auditor in a multinational manufacturing company where I spend an average of 12 hours work plus 3 hours commuting to and from work caused a lot of sleepless nights thinking about how my life would be 5 or 10 years after.  In addition to the stress of leaving my months' old daughter to a nanny while I am away for work.


Jomar had a lot of exciting activities during the seminar.  He had the attendees write about their 100 reasons on why they would like to have a virtual career.  He incorporated songs in the seminar.  He discussed his detailed approach to evaluating an online resume. He also mentioned a lot of great tools for freelancers where the attendees can explore further and create their online portfolio based on this tools. Finally, a TED Talk from Richard St. John on Success is a continuous journey where we were all reminded that success is not a one-way street, but a constant journey.


A million thanks to my mentor for sharing his infinite wisdom and generosity in sharing his wisdom. I am now earning online as a Virtual Professional and as an Affiliate Marketer.  As a result, it has created a positive impact for my family. 


​I hope that in my own little way I've inspired the people whom I talked to and shared my virtual career journey.  

​For those who would like to avail of the April 9 seminar downloadable version, get it here and avail of 3 bonus webinars.


Key Takeaways:​

​This Virtual Career is here to stay.  Finding your niche and positioning is an excellent way to get ahead of the competition.  It means that other people are already having success, and you can too.  Start your virtual career now!  You don't have to get it perfect.  You just gotta get it going.

By Kim Kiyosaki

By Kim Kiyosaki

Photo snapshots during the seminar registration, event volunteers with Jomar Hilario, and the Virtual Careers Book.

How to Start Your Virtual Career

Photo taken during the seminar registration

Captured photo image from Jomar Hilario Virtual Careers FB Group

Captured photo image from Jomar Hilario Virtual Careers FB Group

Photo image courtesy of Uniokeez Bautista Jr.

Virtual Careers Book (Photo image courtesy of Uniokeez Bautista Jr.)


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