​​​​How to Use IFTTT and Connect the apps you Love


IFTTT stands for If This Then That.  It’s a web-based tool which gives you creative control over the products and apps you love.  It enables you to connect two services such that, when something happens with one service, a trigger goes off and sends action automatically on the other.

Here are some examples that you can do with IFTTT:

  • Facebook photos you uploaded are automatically archived in Dropbox
  • Facebook statuses are automatically saved in your Evernote
  • Posted pictures in Instagram is saved to Dropbox
  • Add files to Google Drive from Dropbox
  • IFTTT rings your phone when you can’t find it
  • Schedule daily or weekly recurring Trello cards

Isn’t that awesome?  IFTTT saves a lot of your time!  Start creating your automation/ recipes now.  I am positive that my simple tutorial below can surely help you.  Have fun learning!  🙂

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Please take a moment to leave a comment below and share your thoughts and questions.  Or, feel free to share what you learned from this tutorial.  Thanks!

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