December 6

My First WordPress Blog Post


My First WordPress Blog Post

Lo, and behold!  This is my first WordPress blog post. This blog was created to document my outputs from my VA202 seminar and Date with Freedom Summit and Seminar under the mentorship of Sir Jomar Hilario towards my pursuit to become a Virtual Assistant. I will also post here my journey to new learning.  More importantly, when I get to finish this course I would be able to look back with a sweet smile and give myself a tap on the shoulder and say ‘Look, you’ve made it!’

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About the Author

Heart is the creator, engager, and implementer at Stellar Virtual Solutions. She uses the stellar powers of creative collaboration with her beloved clients to help them fully experience the joy of purpose, freedom, and profit. She also loves alliteration and run-on sentences. She's passionate about helping women entrepreneurs create freedom in their business and life through developing business processes and systems which help their business scale and grow.

Heartie Queen Tamayo

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