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Journey to Personal Freedom


Journey to Personal Freedom

I attended the Date with Freedom Virtual Career Summit and Seminar by Jomar Hilario on May 29-30, 2015.  It’s an event like no other — it brought together aspiring virtual assistants which we call virtual professionals (VP) in the Philippines, and those successful ones who have come before me on this career.  It promised to help set a date with freedom from employment, start earning in dollars and live a life on your own terms.

With my Awesome Mentor, Jomar Hilario
With my Awesome Mentor, Jomar Hilario

I felt elated and grateful for all the new learnings I gained from attending this event. Plus, it gave all of us (participants) a total of nine (9) days training.

(Photo credit to Jonas B. San Luis and captured photo image from Jomar Hilario Virtual Careers FB Group) DWF attendees during the live meet ups and 2-day seminar cum summit
(Photo credit to Jonas B. San Luis and captured photo image from Jomar Hilario Virtual Careers FB Group)
DWF attendees during the live meet ups and 2-day seminar cum summit

Yes, I am an aspiring virtual assistant.  Jomar taught us several ways to market ourselves and find direct clients. Particularly to have high level skills, the right mindset and ability to market yourself directly to the clients to be able to charge high even if you are just starting out your virtual career.

My Learning Highlights

I have the opportunity to learn with experienced virtual professionals and from the testimonies of their families on their journey towards a virtual career.

  • It was a great delight learning from them and hearing their inspiring stories.
  • It was exciting because as I learn these awesome apps and tools, I am now working on my assignments and target to finish immediately.
  • It was challenging.  At first, I had doubts if I can do it or not.  But my conscious mind is affirming me that, “If others have done it and so I CAN too!”
  • Lastly, it is enlightening to know that I have better options to choose from returning to employment world, an OFW, a migrant, or the less stressful and much more rewarding path — Virtual Career!

Powerful Inspirational VP Speakers

With ANN Exceptional VA and Positively Awesome VA
With ANN Exceptional VA and Positively Awesome VA

Ann (annexceptionalva) is one of the inspiring VP speakers.  She highlighted three (3) solutions to market and succeed in virtual career:

  1. Study marketing
  2. List down your skills
  3. Take DISC Profile and Fascination Advantage Tests

While Jones  (positivelyawesomeva) is one of the attendees (like me!) on this event.  She is one of the established and inspiring virtual professional I got to meet  and she encourages me a lot on this journey.  Thank you!

Bro. Jay Yogawin and Veia Lim
Bro. Jay Yogawin and Veia Lim

Bro. Jay Yogawin spoke about the Secret of Freedom — It’s Flexibility!  Inspiring the attendees to “Embrace the change.  You have a choice.”

Veia Lim shared with us how to transition from a full-time job to virtual career.  One MUST have a DREAM!

It’s such a pleasure to finally meet Veia Lim (one of the lead singers at The Feast)

Bro. Bo Sanchez shared with us the story of how the Light of Jesus community grew in the last years because he humbly asked for help.

Photo Credit to Bro. Bo Sanchez, The Preacher in Blue Jeans

Indeed, I am blessed to have someone to hold my hand with and encourage me on this journey (see the hand who is holding me?!)… Yes,  I had a fantastic time during the event.  I’ve done all the layouts in Canva.

Holding Hands_Photo Credit to Jomar Hilario Virtual Careers FB Group

Lord, I commit to you my journey towards freedom.

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