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Business Guide : Customize Your Paypal Checkout To Increase Your Stores Credibility

Business Guide : Customize Your Paypal Checkout To Increase Your Stores Credibility

In this article, I am going to walk you through the process of creating a custome checkout flow for your PayPal customers.  I'll detail how you can customize your PayPal checkout to increase your stores credibility.  

It is an important aspect that online store owners should set up their PayPal checkout page.


The procedures below shows you simple settings you can easily customize in your PayPal checkout settings.  This way you can build trust with your customers by creating fluidity with your store and its Paypal checkout process.


If you are an online store owner, you know that every details count, no matter how big or small.  Even the smallest details or lack thereof can have a significant impact on how your customers view and rate their overall shopping experience when they visit your online store.

Do your ever wonder what business name appears on the credit card statement of your customers?


Oh my! Could it be your first and last name you signed up with?...

With your PayPal checkout page, you have complete control on how your name appears on your customers credit card statement.  Doing so will make you look professional.

The screenshot below is an example of a custom PayPal checkout page style I made for my website.

PayPal Checkout Header | Enhanced Checkout

By customizing your Paypal Checkout Page provides your customers the much needed security and assurance every time they make a purchase of your products and/or services.

In a few quick and easy steps, you can change the name that appears on your customer’s credit card statement. This immediately gives you and your business a more professional streamlined appearance.

Customize Customer Credit Card Statement Name on Paypal

Step 1:  Click “Profile”

Step 2: In the menu on the left page, click “My Selling Tools”

Step 3:  On the “Credit Card Stement Name”, click the update link

Step 4:  In the two fields below, enter the text you want to appear on your customers credit card statement.

Once done, click Save.

Personalized Your Customer Service Message

Did you know that you can also customize your customer service message whenever there is a dispute? By taking time out to create your own personalized message to let customers know that you received their message and are in the process of resolving their dispute, makes customers feel important and puts them at ease.

This section also lets you add your logo and a banner that is 190 pixels x 200 pixels in height. You may create your own using Canva for your logo and banner for the web.

Here's a few easy steps to set it up!

Step 1:  You should still be in the “My Selling Tools” section in your PayPal profile. If not, just follow steps 1 and 2 above. Then click “update” next to ” Customer service message”.

Step 2: Fill out the following fields. Type your message headline, add the link to your logo and enter your customer service message. In this area you should add text that will let your customers know that you take that their dispute will be attended to promptly.

After you have filled out all the required details, hit "Save".

Customize Your PayPal Checkout Page with Logo and Header

By adding your branding with a custom logo and banner is an easy and effective way to implement branding strategies into your paypal checkout page.

This will then help your customers identify the link between your store and your brand.

To prepare, you can get a logo and header image ready to create a more professional looking checkout page.  PayPal doesn't host these images for you.  You can create your own using Canva and get sample vectors from Freepik to use for your logo.

Here's a quick walkthrough on how you can exactly customize the logo header on your Paypal Checkout Page.

Step 1:  Still in the “My Selling Tools” section, click on the “update” link next to ” Custom Payment Pages”.

Step 2: In this page, click on the “Add” button

Step 3:  In the field ”Page Style Name”, enter your desired name for this page style. Next add the url for your logo then the Header Image URL in the correct fields.

Ensure that your logo image is the required size of 190 pixels in width by 60 pixels in height.  Whilethe header image is 750 pixels in width by 90 pixels in height.

You will also be asked to specify a few different hex code for colors to match your site.  You can use the codes from the provided color selector but if you know the exact colors for your site, that will allow for a more uniform look and feel that matches your brand.

The Eye Dropper extension for Chrome can help make sure you get the exact matching colors.  You can just use the eye dropper to select a specific pixel of your web page to get the hex color code.

You will also be asked to specify a few different hex code for colors If you feel like getting jiggy with it, you can customize the colors by adding the hex code.

After your done adding the logo URL’s, click “save”

Step 4: Highlight the new page style you just created and click “Make Primary”

Horaayy! You're all set!  Here's what your PayPal Checkout Page should look like.

Enhanced Checkout Preview:

PayPal Checkout Header | Enhanced Checkout

Classic Checkout Preview:

PayPal Checkout Header | Classic Checkout

Use these creative strategies when you design your customized PayPal checkout page that both you and your customers will benefit.

Customers will be more likely to put their trust in your business and associate your brand with your store.  Thus makes it more likely that they will be loyal repeat customers.

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