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How to Find the Perfect Stock Photo for Your Blog

Best Sites to Find Awesome Free Images Looking for the perfect stock photo for your blog or website? There’s no shortage of beautiful photos out there, but the price can be prohibitive. We know that amazing, high-quality images are essential to great designs.  If you don’t find what you are looking for, I’ve compiled a […]

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One Simple Secret for Boosting your Online Business

Wohoo! He’s definitely a four-chair turner! I bet he’s going to the next round! Confused? Oh well, it’s from the show – “The Voice”.  I am an avid fan of this singing show where the coaches choose their contestants based solely on their singing voice. These coaches can’t see the performers.  And, it has led […]

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Schedule a Strategy Call with Stellar Heart

  • 30-min Strategy Session
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Increase Subscription Using Benchmarkemail Custom Signup Forms

There are many ways to build an email list, and using your website is one of the best. Whether you are aiming to sell or inform — a site that generates traffic is a fantastic medium for getting the subscriptions necessary to grow your audience online. In order to obtain these subscriptions, you need people […]

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How to Use IFTTT and Connect the Apps You Love

IFTTT stands for If This Then That.  It’s a web-based tool which gives you creative control over the products and apps you love.  It enables you to connect two services such that, when something happens with one service, a trigger goes off and sends action automatically on the other. Here are some examples that you can […]

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How to Use Bitly for Social Media Tracking

Bitly is a free online tool that lets you shorten URLs, configure, and track the performance of your links. It is primarily used to save character space when posting updates and status messages on social media websites. This is most applicable to Twitter because the popular social media platform only allows a maximum of 140 […]

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5 Steps to Instantly Create an Awesome Blog Using WordPress

So, you want to start a blog? Great idea! But how do you really get started? There’s so much information out there on the web, and everyone’s telling you to do different things. Who do you listen to? Where’s the starting point? Well, hold up. When I started creating this website as my playground, I […]

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Designing Images Using Picmonkey

Do you know that you can edit, collage and create your own images like a pro in Picmonkey! Its like a magic wand that can take all the worries away and give a dash of beauty on all your photos.  It is a very user-friendly.  It allows the user to quickly upload any image he or she […]

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Journey to Personal Freedom

I attended the Date with Freedom Virtual Career Summit and Seminar by Jomar Hilario on May 29-30, 2015.  It’s an event like no other — it brought together aspiring virtual assistants which we call virtual professionals (VP) in the Philippines, and those successful ones who have come before me on this career.  It promised to […]

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My First WordPress Blog Post

Lo, and behold!  This is my first WordPress blog post. This blog was created to document my outputs from my VA202 seminar and Date with Freedom Summit and Seminar under the mentorship of Sir Jomar Hilario towards my pursuit to become a Virtual Assistant. I will also post here my journey to new learning.  More […]

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