​​​​Beginners Guide: How You Can Create Awesome Visual Content Using Canva

How Do You Get Your Audience Attention?
How Do You Get Your Audience Attention?

Have you heard of Canva yet?  Canva has been making its rounds through social media and causing a stir with its newest Kindle cover and Google+ Header design.  Canva is a FREE image design tool for blog posts, social media posts, marketing materials and a lot more!  Canva has many designs that have precise dimensions needed for each social media platform and other awesome designs.  Canva actually has a design just for presentations.

If you haven’t taken Canva for a test run yet, then you should. It’s a fantastic graphic design tool for bloggers who want to create awesome custom photos, newsletters, buttons, and more. There are over 1,000,000 stock images for $1.00 each plus amazing free elements. Or, you can upload your own and use the design set-up.  You can sign up for an account and have a graphic made and ready in under five minutes.

Slide Tips:

  1. Use cool photos as much as possible but make it relevant. Don’t show me a Superman photo and you’re talking about snails. That would be a bummer.
  2. Don’t stuff your slide. Meaning keep it simple and don’t put a ton of information on one slide.
  3. Remember the 3 KEYS to an awesome design – Photo/Image, Text/Content, and Watermark.  I learned the hard when my designs were stolen because I did not put a watermark on it. 🙁
  4. Always on the last slide, place your web address or any links in the CENTER of the slide.  If you place the links anywhere else, they won’t be clickable.
  5. Once completed, click on Link and Publish to save it as a PDF.

Here’s my tutorial completely done in Canva.

[scribd id=275615618 key=key-1HmYlIpWbSY1EwWMJ3ee mode=scroll]

Please take a moment to leave a comment below and share your thoughts and questions.  Or, feel free to share what you learned from this tutorial.  Thanks! 🙂

Joy of Learning


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